Over the last few years, increased limits on Permitted Development Rules were trialled and have now been made permanent! Jon from Hylands Homes explains what this means for you.

What Is All The Fuss About?

Over the last few years, you may have been aware of the Neighbour Consultation Scheme which was an additional trial scheme brought in to help alleviate the workload of local planning departments. This was done by reducing the number of planning applications being submitted for relatively simple extensions by offering a less complicated route to getting consent. The trial ends on May 30th 2019 but due to its success, it is being made a permanent thing.

Double The Distance

Under the rules of Permitted Development you are usually allowed to extend by up to a 3m for attached properties or up to 4m extension for detached properties. Under the Neighbour Consultation Scheme, you can effectively double these restrictions without having to apply for Full Planning Permission.

If you are looking to have a larger extension or 2 storeys then you might want to read Planning Permission for Extensions instead.

What Is The Neighbour Consultation Scheme?

This is a form of Prior Approval which is part of the permitted development rules and allows a period of consultation with your neighbours to allow them to raise objections about your proposals within a 21 day period. 

Some possible objections might include:

  • Reduction in light
  • Out of character design
  • Removal of natural habitats/trees
  • Anything else because some people just love to moan!
If the Council deems that none of the objections (if any) are valid then you will be given the approval to extend to the increased limits.
To give yourself the best chance, ensure you speak with your neighbours about your plans before submitting any forms to the Council. Half the time people only object because they don’t like surprises or feel that they were overlooked which equates to them thinking you don’t value their views.
How Do I Get A Neighbour Consultation Started?

This is a relatively simple process. Download the Notification of a larger Home Extension Form and fill it out. The information required in the form will include the following:

  • Your contact details and agent if you are using one.
  • The site details if different from above.
  • A written description of the proposed work including materials to be used
  • The length, height at the eaves and height of the highest point of the extension.
  • Addresses of adjoining neighbours.
  • Signed declaration

In addition to the completed form, you will need to submit a plan showing the site and the proposed extension. Don’t panic, this is really easy and can be done yourself by using one of the Planning Portals accredited plan suppliers that incorporate online drawing tools. Alternatively, speak to us and we can do it all for you.

Once the Council are in receipt of your form and plan they will notify you and your neighbours with the 42 days determination date and also the period within that where objections can be made. Upon completion of the time period, you will be notified if your development proposals are acceptable.

Building Regulations

Your extension will still be subject to Building Regulations Approval. This can be obtained by submitting a Building Notice to the Council to notify them of your intention to start works and that you would like them to send round inspectors to check the work complies. There is a fee for this service and different Councils will have that information on their website or available at their offices.

Confused? We Are Here to Help

Permitted development rules can be a bit confusing so if you aren’t sure what to do or you simply don’t have the time, then get in contact with us and we can do it all for you, including preparing initial estimates and design ideas on what you can do.